We supply components with Japanese-equivalent quality at internationally competitive costs.
We assist with component procurement in strategies for overseas expansion.

Overseas component procurement needs continue to increase in the automobile component manufacturing sector as domestic and international competition intensifies.
From our overseas production factories, TSUZUKI MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. supplies components at internationally competitive quality and costs.
We will assist your company's international strategy with our "overseas solutions," which achieve the optimal QCD demanded by your company and bring innovation to product competitiveness.

We resolve issues in overseas manufacturing!

Issues facing customers

Problems related to
overseas production costs

  • Not satisfied with current cost-for-quality.
  • Searching for a manufacturer for a new component.
  • Seek to produce at low cost even in low quantities.
  • Seeking offers consistent with the company's overseas expansion needs.

Benefits of implementing
Tsuzuki's overseas
production solutions

  • We are confident in the superiority of the cost and quality offered by us.
  • We provide newly-launched components at the optimal QCD demanded by our customers.
  • Through our flexible production line design, we achieve low-cost production even on high-variety, low-quantity lines.
  • We offer services suited to customer needs, such as worldwide delivery and local procurement from our factories in Thailand and Indonesia.